Grinton Lodge is a Youth Hostel that sits on an exposed hillside just above the small hamlet of Grinton in Swaledale, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. A former Victorian shooting lodge, it now welcomes walkers and other travellers from around the world.

Tonight, a Wednesday in mid-November, is not one of its busiest nights. Kat, the duty staff member, tells me that there is a small corporate team-building group in the annex. There's no sign of them at present. Otherwise, that portion of the world that has beaten a path to the door of this grand building today consists of just me. And Kat goes home soon.

The November CVu, removed from its wrappers and read yesterday, lies in my bag. Taunting me. Go on, it says, if you've ever going to put finger to keyboard in the name of CVu, well, tonight you are out of excuses.


Jim Hague 2009-05-22