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 +====== Building nVidia 173xx legacy kernel with Debian module assistant ======
 +I have an ageing nVidia GeForce FX 5600XT. Support for this was recently dropped from the mainstream nVidia driver package, and relegated to ''​legacy 173xx''​.
 +This caused one minor problem. I build my own nVidia kernel module using ''​module-assistant'',​ (''​m-a''​). Right now this doesn'​t have an entry in its module list for the 173xx legacy module.
 +I added one in by adding ''​nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx-source''​ to ''/​usr/​share/​modass/​compliant.list''​. The package description in the ''​m-a''​ selection list doesn'​t say legacy, but the package name does.
 +Today (28/4/09) I hit a problem. I couldn'​t rebuild the kernel module using ''​m-a''​. I hit the problem described in [[http://​bugs.debian.org/​cgi-bin/​bugreport.cgi?​bug=523024|Debian bug 523024]]. Bafflingly, though, that bug was marked fixed, and I had the source package with the fix.
 +I eventually found that, although ''​m-a''​ said it was unpacking the new archive, the source being build at ''/​usr/​src/​modules/​nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx/''​ remained the old source. I ''​rm -r /​usr/​src/​modules/​nvidia-kernel-legacy-173xx''​ and tried ''​m-a''​ again. This time the kernel package built properly. Phew!
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