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 +====== Resoling Blundstone boots ======
 +I have a pair of [[http://​www.blundstone.com.au/​mens-or-womens-walnut-brown-dress-boots-style-550|Blundstone 550 boots]]. Purchased in Alice Springs when my previous shoes fell to pieces, I wore them every day for years until the soles had nearly worn smooth. In particular the heels had worn badly on one side.
 +At this point you start thinking about getting them re-soled. And everyone, Blundstone included, will tell you this can't be done.
 +A bit of searching will turn up a couple of places that will, in fact, resole Blundstones. But they are all in the US or Canada. But that means it is possible...
 +It took me a bit of digging, but I eventually found [[https://​sportandleisurerepairs.com|the Boot Repair Company]].
 + For £50 they sent me a DPD bag, arranged its collection, and a week and a half later the repaired boots were delivered back to me. My boots now have Vibram soles and look good for years to come. As you can see.
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