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-====== For Sale: '54 reg VW Touran ======+====== ​No Longer ​For Sale: '54 reg VW Touran ======
-{{car:dsc00119.jpg?​300|Front view}}+I had a car for sale
-I have a car for sale. It's a silver 54 reg 5 door 7 seat VW Touran 1.9 TDI S. In other words, one of those estates that has two extra seats hidden under the rear floor. +But it is now soldThanks for looking ​hereanyway.
- +
-It has currently done just under 53800 miles and has a full VW service history. It has been very recently professionally fully valeted, so is very clean and tidyIt's a 6 speed diesel, with ABS, traction control, air conditioning,​ electric mirrors and front windows. A factory radio/CD is fitted. Two owners from new. +
- +
-I'​m ​looking ​for £7400 ono. Email me: <​jim@lunch.org.uk>​or call 01865 463136 or 07941 697732. +
- +
-Some more pictures: +
- +
-{{car:​dsc00109.jpg?​300|}}  +
-{{car:​dsc00110.jpg?​300|}} +
-{{car:​dsc00111.jpg?​300|}} +
-{{car:​dsc00112.jpg?​300|}} +
-{{car:​dsc00113.jpg?​300|}} +
-{{car:​dsc00114.jpg?​300|}} +
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