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 +====== Using Windows Remote Desktop Client with authentication ======
 +I've just wasted a morning trying to work out why every Linux or Android RDP client I tried would connect to a VirtualBox remote display quite happily, but the standard Windows client failed with 'Error Code 5' and dark mutterings about being low on virtual memory.
 +Not wanting the world to try out my VirtualBox image, I'd set '​external'​ authentication. So you need to supply a valid username and password to gain access. So naturally one selects the button to see all the connection options, and enters the server name and the user name.
 +Now the weird bit. You also need to tick the 'Allow me to save credentials'​ box. If you do, you will be prompted for a password and everything will work. If you don't, it won't ask you for a password, will try and authenticate without one, the authentication will fail, and you will get the above helpful (ha!) error message.
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