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Ceci n'est pas une blog

This isn't a blog.

It's more like my public notepad. Bits of this and that which someone else might one day find useful.

What's here?


I'm Jim Hague. That's me, on the right. My picture

I'm based in Oxford. That's Oxford, as in ancient city of learning athwart the Thames, in England.

I write software. Like a lot of programmers, I get paid for doing this during the day, and don't get paid for doing it at other times. In non-techie company I call myself a software engineer.

Because I want to improve what I do and how I do it, and find out what cool new stuff I should be learning, I'm a member of ACCU and ACM; if you've never heard of either, and you write software too, check them out. ACCU has a top-notch conference every April, which conveniently for me is usually in Oxford.

The unusual attire on the right is the fault of Cry Havoc, which in a roundabout way is the fault of CAMRA.

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